Revolution and Reaction

A recent tweet by Anton Jaeger, describing the historical project of Frankfurt Marxists like Adorno and Horkheimer, helped me to better formulate a thought which I’ve been entertaining for a while: that we are reaching a juncture in history where there is no longer a meaningful difference between being a revolutionary and being a reactionary. […]

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MMT and Use-Value

This post is not intended to discuss the compatibility or incompatibility of Marxism and Modern Monetary Theory, at least not in a comprehensive way. Rather, it is intended to speculate about the relationship between MMT and one particular distinction upon which Marx’s whole system rests, namely the distinction between use-value and exchange-value. This distinction is […]

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To Be Part of a Collective

(Header image by Grant Legassick.) Not a few commentators have noted that coronavirus has revealed the many dysfunctions underlying the fabric of American liberal society. Those dysfunctions have been aggravated yet more in the violent response to the murder of George Floyd — a response that has also “gone global,” revealing the truly imperial dimensions […]

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Propaganda is Everywhere

A brief thought: I have noticed recently just how ubiquitous the presence of propaganda is, in many forms. Much of it is an indirect form of “government” propaganda, disseminated through liberal news media from the commanding heights of the liberal aristocracy. Much of it is counter-propaganda, delivered from the voices of conservative sensationalists over talk-radio, […]

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Pope Benedict XVI’s Critique of Marx

The following paragraphs were discarded and adapted from the draft of a forthcoming article to be published elsewhere. In a programmatic passage from Capital Vol. 3, chapter 48, Marx describes, with a particular eloquence, the possibilities for human freedom offered by a technologically advanced communism: In fact, the realm of freedom actually begins only where […]

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City of Wisdom

In the Republic, Plato paints a vivid picture of the ideal city, in which the aim of all politics consists in the cultivation of a common life of wisdom, or the pursuit of wisdom — philosophy. Famously, this is why the ruler of the Plato’s city must himself be a philosopher, if he is to […]

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